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Agua University recognizes that our present youth will become our future decision makers.  This is why we have set out to educate and motivate the youth in our communities through hands-on environmental education with an emphasis on water. 

By using a domestic topic like water, we can much more easily start to make the connections it has in our everyday lives. We can start to understand the connections and the importance of this precious resource.  And we can start to take action towards its protection and conservation.

Our courses seek to redefine the way we interact with water in our everyday lives.  We feel that the protection of this precious and life-essential resource will only happen by adding a community element to the water molecule, an element of culture, a human element.

Agua University students are exposed to topics that explain the basics of water, its science and our connection to it (watersheds), as well as how our everyday local actions have an impact in other areas.  They learn how the management of stressors and resources can either be beneficial or detrimental to a system (watershed management) but more importantly, they are taught the tools to make a difference in their community.

This website contains information related to water conservation, watershed management, ecological impacts, cultural erosion and ways for youth to get involved.  If you have information that you feel should be posted on this website, please let us know by sending us an email.

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