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class of summer 2009 - state water tour


Our second annual camping trip/state water tour included two major stops along the way which highlighted water supplies to Southern California and the Central Valley.  All students traveled on scholarships thanks to funding provided by: the Los Angeles River Program of the Resources Legacy Fund and with support from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.  All our camping gear was provided on loan from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy / Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority.

One of our tour stops took us to Mount Shasta, where we spent time with the Winnemem Wintu Tribe - The Middle River People.  Here we had an opportunity to learn from the Winnemem on how waters in Los Angeles and in the Central Valley are intricately connected to the waters from this special place.  We also learned about the Winnemem’s culture and History and how our current disconnected way of using water is having an impact on their people. 

Our other stop was to the South Fork of the American River.  Here we stayed at Camp Lotus, where, while we spend time learning about water issues in the state, we also found time to go river rafting, swimming and visit the site of the famous Gold Discovery Museum.  Many of the pictures have captions that outline our tour and links along some text offers more detail information about our experiences.


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This text leads to the Winnemem Wintu’s Website.  There you will learn about their culture, traditions and people.

Along the way they hope that you will realize that they are not an invisible people nor are they driven by the lure of quick money.  They are a traditional people who are concerned with the lands they have called home since the Creator placed them there.  They are concerned with the preservation and protection of their cultural life-ways and Sacred places, and they are concerned for the health, education, welfare and spiritual growth of their tribal members.  We at Agua University, were honored to have the opportunity to spend time with the tribe and would like to encourage others to learn more about their cause and advocate on their behalf in their struggles.

Click here to learn more about the Winnemem Wintu Tribe - The Middle River People.


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