Agua University - Class of Summer 2008


class of summer 2008 - state water tour


Opening the tap at home and having water come out of it is a function that all of us practice on a daily basis.  But not many of us really understand the energy it takes and lengths of distance water has to travel before we can fill a glass with water, shower, cook or wash our dishes in Los Angeles. 

The Agua University statewide water tour, set out to show youth from LA first hand exactly where their water came from and the many impacts our water consumption has in other places, people and culture throughout the the state of California.

The pictures below takes you on a virtual tour of the stops we made in the state.  Through this tour students learned how we can make a positive impact in our ecology and how to become stewards of water in the state and our local communities.

Educating our future decision makers.  You can, You will.

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