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Below you will find a copy of the presentation(s) for each of the sessions as well as class assignments and journal questions.

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presentations and class assignments

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assignment and journal questions



Class overview

  1. Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, fears, aspirations, school, family, home. Favorite music, shows, etc.

  2. Describe you neighborhood within a 4-5 block area.  What do you see: businesses, recreational areas, schools, libraries, malls, trees, etc.

  3. When you think of water, what images or thoughts come to mind?

  4. Reflecting on today’s class, what stood out to you?


The Science of Water

Water, Rivers & Local Solutions

  1. Pick an Item from the creek, paste it in your journal and write about it.

  1. Keep track of your water use with the: Personal Water Use Survey


Link to the movie FLOW

For Love of Water


Ballona Wetlands Video

Link Friends of Ballona Wetlands


  1. Reflect on today's activities touring Sun Valley Park, Elmer Street Project, Rio de Los Angeles Park (Taylor Yard), Los Angeles River, and Agustus Hawkins Park. What did you learn? What stood out to you?


Camera Activity: Take photos of your community, your home, family, friends etc in reference to water. Remember that two photos will be used in order to present at the graduation ceremony. The rest will be addressed in your journal with 1-2 sentences to a paragraph.